Lisboa Horizontal
Lisboa Horizontal

First GPS smartphone application that allows users to navigate through horizontal routes (inclination grade up to 4%) in the City of Lisbon.

Winner of the Vodafone BIG Smart Cities 2015 contest.

691 Km

of cycling happiness

We believe in the bicycle as an alternative transportation, viable and that promotes an Individual and Colective Happiness, that promotes an Economical and Environmental Sustainability of Societies!

The Project Lisbon Horizontal intends to create viable physical conditions (concept inspired by the Metro lines) which promote the usage of bicycles within the city of Lisbon, from an utilitary and pragmatic point of view, targeting every person from the working class to tourists, in a city where the environmental challenge as a major future priority!


Simple and Intuitive

A friendly app, easy to use and with a up-to-date interface.

Flat Routes Planning

Plan your route in three steps, know each part of your route and learn immediately your gains.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Provides a detailed and contextualized turn-by-turn navigation .

Improve every day

We help you improving your performance and recommend the routes that best suite your profile evolution!


  • Rui Amador

    Rui Amador

    To end myths is a strong motivation. To end the myth of a city with lots of slopes is an even bigger motivation in order to have more and more people cycling.

  • Nuno Sardinha

    Nuno Sardinha

    An idea which will be very useful for the users, will promote the circulation of bicycles within the city of Lisbon and help to reach environmental sustainability in our city!

  • Bernardo Pereira

    Bernardo Pereira

    Excellent idea for the city of Lisbon.


Kobe Vanhaeren

Landscape Architect

Kobe Vanhaeren
Pedro Fernandes

Marketing & Sales

Pedro Fernandes
Diogo Barata Simões


Diogo Barata Simões

Mobile Gurus



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