Horizontal Cities provides MAPPING TECHNOLOGY that allows its users to navigate along the MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT ROUTES, based on the profile requested by the customer.

Horizontal Cities, Lda, is a Start-up Data Service Provider for Energy Efficient Routing (ECO-Routing): our routing solution is focused on optimizing and predicting energy consumption, ensuring the necessary detail by using high quality topographic data.


  Routing has always been about finding the fastest or shortest route. More recently the element of real-time traffic outsmarting became an essential and highly valued element. Defining routes based on the energetic consumption is adding a fundamental new element to this technology, opening doors to give us an edge in the marketplace.




We collect and process data, and create proprietary routing technology based on detailed topographic data. We make the routing information available, directly to end-users through our proprietary mobile application and to developers through our API for integration with other technologies.

Our Horizontal Cities Urban Cycling APP shows the most horizontal cycling routes based on the physical profile of the costumer, demystifying that cities with complex topography could not be appropriate for cycling. In this startup phase, the HC Cycling APP is our core product for testing both API and Data and getting users, and we plan to bring it as fast as possible to multiple large cities in the EU and USA. Today, the HORIZONTAL app is available in the following regions:

  • City of Lisbon
  • Brussels Capital Region
  • Comunidad de Madrid
  • City of Berlin
  • Kanton of Zürich


The combination of high quality topographic data and the proprietary algorithm into a highly scalable and updated technology stack allows Horizontal Cities to provide a unique solution that can be used for energy optimization in route calculation for cycling. Adaptations to the algorithm can make the technology also available for electric cars, conventional gas-powered vehicles, public transports, people with reduced mobility, sporting apps and many more.

By offering a specific routing solution mainly focused on energy efficiency, we are not only positioning ourselves as unique offer, but we are also targeting niche markets that are just starting to become main stream, such as green energy transportation, cycling or electric vehicles.