The route of least resistance.

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WE LOVE CYCLING. We think you love cycling too.
WE LOVE CYCLING DOWNHILL. We think you love that too.

At Horizontal Cities, we believe that everybody should be able to cycle in the city.
It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, fit or unfit, cycle every day or only once a month. It doesn’t matter if you’re strolling around or commuting to work or bring your kids to school.

You just want the best route.   Safe. Short. Avoiding the hills.

HORIZONTAL shows you the flattest and safest cycling route.

The road of least resistance. Based on your personal cycling profile. Based on your preferences. With turn by turn navigation and voice guidance.


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Flattest route

Avoiding hills, avoiding cobble stones. The flattest, yet fasted route possible, using the best topographic data available.

Safest route

Preference for cycling paths and local cycling networks. Preferring low traffic areas over heavy traffic streets.


Beginner, daily commuter or pro ? Routing based on your personal cycling profile. Based on your preferences. Adjusting when you improve.


Real-time turn-by-turn navigation and voice guidance. Route tracking.

Horizontal Cities

What people say about us

  • People for bikes

    Removing the hills from a city has such promise. Topography has been shaping our cities since their beginning. It’s a forgotten skill, passed down directly from our grandparents.

  • Correio Braziliense

    as melhores rotas para cada tipo de ciclista

  • Bike Auckland

    Ingenious way to flatten Lisbon’s hills for most riders. Textbook stuff.

  • Visão

    A Lisboa Horizontal há-de estar em muitas mais cidades

  • Fobo World

    Aqui no #FOBOWorld já passou a ser a primeira app que abrimos quando saímos de casa e, se não traz muitas novidades para os veteranos do asfalto, a verdade é que já nos surpreendeu com a sugestão de percursos que nunca tínhamos pensado que poderiam ser mais fáceis. Uma ferramenta bem útil para os ciclistas alfacinhas.

  • The Guardian

    Not all of Lisbon is hilly, however. According to Lisboa Horizontal, a project that sought to map the city’s gradients for cycling, 63% of all the city’s streets are less than 4%.

  • El Colombiano

    Lisboa Horizontal es excelente, aborda nuestra gran discusión de fondo acerca del uso de la bicicleta en Medellín: la topografía de la ciudad es algo que siempre se menciona en cada foro o evento que tenemos alrededor del uso de este medio de transporte

  • Rui Amador

    Rui Amador

    To end myths is a strong motivation. To end the myth of a city with lots of slopes is an even bigger motivation in order to have more and more people cycling.

  • Nuno Sardinha

    Nuno Sardinha

    An idea which will be very useful for the users, will promote the circulation of bicycles within the city of Lisbon and help to reach environmental sustainability in our city!

  • Bernardo Pereira

    Bernardo Pereira

    Excellent idea for the city of Lisbon.


Kobe Vanhaeren

GIS Architect

Kobe Vanhaeren
Pedro Fernandes


Pedro Fernandes
Diogo Barata Simões


Diogo Barata Simões

Mobile Gurus


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